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Good quality hand sewing needles.

An assortment of needles is required for stumpwork and goldwork.  When selecting a needle, make sure that it is the appropriate type to suit the purpose.  The thread should pass easily through the eye, and the needle should make a hole in the fabric large enough for the double thickness of the thread to pass trough easily (without damaging the thread).

  • $5.50 Beading Needles Size 10-13
    These are very fine sharp needles with a long eye.  Use to stitch beads with a very small hole, eg. 1.5mm gold pearls.

  • $5.50 Choose Options Chenille Needles
    Chenille needles are thick and sharp and have an elongated eye.  Use when stitching with thick thread (e.g. Soft Cotton), and for sinking some metallic threads through to the back.

  • Crewel/Embroidery Needles
    $5.50 Choose Options Crewel/Embroidery Needles
    Crewel needles are used with embroidery silks and cottons.  They have a sharp point and long eye to take one or more strands of thread.  Use a size 10 needle for one strand of thread, a size 9 for two strands (the...

  • $5.50 Choose Options Milliners/Straw Needles
    Milliners needles have a round eye and a long shaft that does not vary in diameter from its eye until it tapers at the point.  They are ideal for working French and bullion knots, and for stitching with metallic...

  • $5.50 Choose Options Sharps
    These are sharp needles with a round eye.  Size 12 is ideal for stitching with fine metallic threads, silk and nylon monofilament, and to apply leather and beads.  Use the larger sizes when stitching with metallic...

  • $5.50 Choose Options Tapestry Needles
    Tapestry needles have an elongated eye and a blunt point which makes them ideal for working raised stem stitch and needle-weaving.

  • $5.50 Yarn Darners Size 14-18
    Yarn darners are sharp and thick with a long eye.  Use to insert detached wired shapes (e.g. petals and leaves), for sinking the tails of metal threads through to the back, and for stitching very thick thread and...

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