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Most kits are designed to be worked with the instructions, step-by-step illustrations and photographs contained in the related book.  Some of the easier kits contain complete instructions.

The kits contain all materials required to work the projects except, in some cases, the DMC stranded cottons, which you may already have in your collection.  All other threads are included.

The skill level required to work the project is indicated by:

Skill level: Easy ladybeetle.gif

Skill level: Medium ladybeetle.gifladybeetle.gif

Skill level: Experienced ladybeetle.gifladybeetle.gifladybeetle.gif

  • Goldwork Beetle Sampler
    $89.90 Goldwork Beetle Sampler
    This goldwork embroidery kit contains all the metallic threads, leather, beads, DMC stranded cotton and padding required to work this collection of five gold beetles on the background of your choice. Skill Level:...

  • Green Lacewing and Dogwood
    $69.50 Green Lacewing and Dogwood
    This piece is a detail from the larger Dogwood and Green Lacewing from Book 8: Stumpwork Butterflies and Moths. Instructions Instructions are not included in the kit, but can be found in Inspirations magazine, issue 88,...

  • Heartsease and Forget-me-nots
    $37.90 Heartsease and Forget-me-nots
    Heartsease flowers with wired, detached petals embroidered in silk, beaded forget-me-nots and a tiny bee. This kit contains complete instructions and all required threads and materials. Skill Level:...

  • Herb Robert and Caterpillar
    $86.90 Herb Robert and Caterpillar
    Bright pink Geranium Robertianum with detached petals and long ridged seed cases, a shimmering blue butterfly with raised detached wings, a stripy padded caterpillar, and a tiny ladybird with detached elytra. This stumpwork...

  • Honesty and Heartsease
    $67.90 Honesty and Heartsease
    Honesty flowers, pods and detached seed cases, Heartsease with detached petals and leaves, a buff-tailed bumble bee worked in Turkey knots with raised wings, and a tiny ladybird. This stumpwork embroidery kit contains...

  • Iris Tile or Bookcover kit
    $59.40 Iris Tile or Book Cover
    This elegant tile features a slightly enlarged version of the iris from the Syrian Pomegranate Tile.  Combining goldwork and surface embroidery techniques, this rectangular panel is worked on a dark cream silk...

  • Iznik Carnation Tile
    $59.40 Iznik Carnation Tile
    The colours and design of this small square tile were inspired by the 16th century ceramics from Iznik, the centre of pottery production in Ottoman Turkey. Worked in characteristic cobalt blue and turquoise, this panel...

  • Knapweed Roundel
    $34.93 Knapweed Roundel
    The knapweed blossoms decorating this small roundel have been embroidered in the colours found on an 18th century enamelled gold vessel from Mughal India.  Embroidered on a satin background with silks, gold metallic...

  • Ladybird Pincushion
    $25.50 Ladybird Pincushion
    Stitch this cute, palm-sized pincushion in felt. This kit contains instructions, pattern and all materials (except the stuffing) to work two pincushions – keep one and give one away! Skill Level:...

  • Lifecycle of the Swallowtail Butterfly
    $109.00 Lifecycle of the Swallowtail Butterfly
    Worked on ivory satin, this design features the stages of the life cycle of the Swallowtail Butterfly, Papilio machaon – beaded eggs, caterpillars in various stages of development, a chrysalis worked in padded gold...

  • Medieval Mirror Frame 1
    $109.90 Medieval Mirror Frame 1
    A vine border with a carnation, poppy, anemone, tulip, fennel, grapes, peas, aubergine, red currants, a cricket, snail, hoverfly, ladybird, butterfly and a spiderweb. This stumpwork embroidery kit contains everything...

  • Medieval Mirror Frame 2
    $109.90 Medieval Mirror Frame 2
    A vine border with pansies, foxgloves, thistle, pinks, globe thistle, cotoneaster, fig, blackberries, strawberries, hedgehog, owl, bees and beehive, soldier-fly, dragonfly and spiderweb. This stumpwork embroidery kit...

  • Miniature Tulip Tile kit
    $59.90 Miniature Tulip Tile
    A tulip from the Turkish Tulip Tile forms the central motif in this elegant miniature tile.  Using stumpwork, goldwork and surface embroidery techniques, the diamond-shaped panel is worked on an ivory silk background...

  • Mughal Grapevine Tile kit
    $95.70 Mughal Grapevine Tile
    This elegant square panel was inspired by enamelled gold treasures from the Mughal empire.  Combining goldwork and surface embroidery techniques, this tile is worked on an ivory satin background with silks, gold...

  • Oriental Poppy and Cornflowers
    $51.90 Oriental Poppy and Cornflowers
    An Oriental poppy, with detached petals, a poppy bud and seed pod, cornflowers worked in Turkey knots with trellis stitch bases, a beaded damselfly with raised wings, a caterpillar and a spiderweb. This stumpwork embroidery...

  • Ottoman Tulip Name Brooch
    $59.90 Ottoman Tulip Name Brooch
    Kit Contents This embroidery kit contains all materials required to work this project. Instructions Instructions are not included in the kit, but can be found in Inspirations magazine, issue 67. Skill...

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