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Book 3 Kits [Dragonflies]

Book 3 - Stumpwork ButterfliesThe following kits are designed to be worked with the instructions, diagrams and photographs contained in Stumpwork Dragonflies (Book 3).

These kits contain all materials required to work the projects except, in some cases, the DMC stranded cottons which you may already have in your collection.  All other thread are included.

  • Appliquéd Dragonfly
    $19.90 Appliquéd Dragonfly
    This kit contains all materials required to work a stylised dragonfly, with appliquéd gauzy wings, beaded head and stitched abdomen, on a background of ivory silk dupion. This stumpwork embroidery kit contains...

  • Dragonfly and Viburnum
    $28.50 Dragonfly and Viburnum
    An aqua dragonfly with detached gauzy wings and beaded abdomen, rests on a background of pink viburnum worked in French knots and beads. This stumpwork embroidery kit contains everything required to work this project except...

  • Field Flowers and Damselfly
    $33.50 Field Flowers and Damselfly
    A red Oriental poppy, with detached petals and leaf, a padded seed pod, cornflowers worked in Turkey knots with trellis stitch bases, and a beaded damselfly with detached gauzy wings. This stumpwork embroidery kit contains...

  • Book 3: Stumpwork Dragonflies
    $39.95 Choose Options Stumpwork Dragonflies [Book 3]
    Learn how to create these beautiful, delicate creatures in stumpwork embroidery using a variety of materials and techniques. There are comprehensive instructions and step-by-step illustrations for working a stumpwork...

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